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Cleanworks Inc.

No matter what size your home or business is, CLEANWORKS is ready to meet every one of your needs. Not only will every window be beautifully cleaned inside and out, we will also your clean mirrors, skylights, porch lights, and much more at your request.

CLEANWORKS offers a wide range of customized services for our customers. We clean windows inside and out with a specialty formulated green eco-friendly solution, proven to reduce static and leave a sparkle. To reach the deepest clean possible we remove and clean every screen at the residence and wipe down all exposed tracks and window sills. We wear shoe covers inside your home and leave it looking as good as or better than when we arrived. A final walk through is performed to double check all our work at the end of our service. It is the little details that set us apart from the competition. We also offer our customers our pure water system which enables us to reach those tall outside windows without a ladder. Our specialty designed water fed poles are the fastest, highest quality and most efficient way to clean your windows.


We clean gutters out by hand with a gutter spoon. Then we empty the debris* into a bucket being careful not to make a mess. Our gutter cleaning service includes a thorough cleaning of your gutters. To make sure your gutters are running properly we will finish up with a rinsing with hose to get more of the debris out.
*For debris disposal we will use your yard waste container to dump it in, unless you prefer other means of disposal.


We offer this service for our window cleaning customers. We will power wash your home, driveways, patios, awnings, etc


Please see our Hard Water Removal Page


We primarily replace torn, sun damaged screens. We can often do it the same day. The material we use is generally black nylon, but if you ask we can install grey nylon. We aren't equipped for repairing bent railing, but we do repair broken corners.

Our services:

Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Hard Water Removal, Screen Repair, Pure Water Cleaning, Glass Stain Removal.